Playstation 3 Cheaper in Japan

Sony has announced that Japan will receive a more affordable model of the PlayStation 3, which is currently in its twilight years.

With this, the company intends to give a final push to the penultimate PlayStation desktop, radically changing its policy around the console, since all models will be withdrawn from the market, leaving this cheaper, so you will no longer see PlayStation 3 in different colors or with different capacity hard drives in Japan.

This new model responds to the code CECH-4300C in the numbering of Sony, will be super slim, black and will have a 500Gb hard drive. It will be sold for a price of 28,552 yen, taxes included, which is approximately 208 euros and will be released on August 28th.

Sony is trying to give PlayStation 3 a “dignified sunset”, apart from possibly lowering costs, as this is the first console from the multinational that did not dominate the market in its category. In addition to this, the brand has lost its appeal in the Japanese market, which may mean that the decline of PlayStation 3 will not be as long as that of its two predecessors.

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