Headphones For Silent Disco

Silent Disco: The latest trend in the music scene

The disco is usually quite loud and hectic. Many people dance, the music is loud and the drinks are expensive. Most people would describe a disco like this or something similar. A new trend, called Silent Disco, shows that it can be completely different. Actually, the two words “silent” and “disco” do not match, but what this trend is all about, you will find out afterwards.

History of Silent Disco

The origin of Silent Disco goes back to 1969, when the Finnish science fiction film “Ruusujen aika” was released. But the trend did not celebrate its big breakthrough until 2005, when Silent Disco found many followers in Great Britain at the Glastonbury Music Festival. Now the trend seems to entertain the mainstream, quite the opposite to karaoke, which only a fringe group can be enthusiastic about.

In recent years, numerous companies have emerged that offer setups for Silent Disco. One of these companies is Headphone Disco: thanks to the company that has opened license operations in Germany, Ireland and East Africa, the trend has quickly spilled over to other countries outside the UK.

Dancing with myself

The Silent Disco eliminates one of the three characteristics of every club: it is loud, full and dark. The first characteristic is missing in the latest trend of the music scene. It’s quite a strange idea, after all the noise level is the special feature of a disco. Why one would like to take this away from it does not seem obvious at first sight. But if you dance alone in a silent disco for the first time, you will find the answer.

The picture that newcomers see in a silent disco is completely different from what you would expect in a disco: Instead of booming basses, there is silence, there are no drunken bawling people, instead people talk to each other here and there, even the half naked dancing women are looked for in vain, instead people sing softly and swing their legs. The DJ was replaced by wireless headphones, which every participant of this event gets at the entrance. One can choose between two or three channels, which play different kinds of music during the night. And then the dancing starts.

Fascination Silent Disco

One reason for the popularity of this trend is the fact that it counteracts a major problem: noise pollution. Noise disturbance and neighborhood complaints are commonplace in every club. Organizers of silent discos do not have to fear these problems. One reason why this trend is so popular. Especially at open air events in holiday countries, Silent Discos are becoming more and more popular. Also the modification of the trend, Mobile Disco, where guests bring their MP3 players and dance together, is becoming increasingly popular.

What is exciting for the participants is the moment when they take off their headphones and watch everyone else dance - all in almost absolute silence. Everyone has their own dance style, rhythm and body language. Observing the others makes this trend something very special. People who dance on one wavelength get into conversation. You no longer have to shout at each other, because the music is not unbearably loud. Perfect for getting to know new people who share the same interests.

Organise Silent Disco at home

If you regularly have trouble with the neighbours because of loud music, you can arrange a Silent Disco at home. For the party to be a success, the following requirements must be met:

The headphones should be light and comfortable to wear.
A high-quality construction and workmanship ensures that the headphones will survive even a small fall or inattention.
The surface should be easy to clean to ensure a high standard of hygiene.
Of course the sound quality must be right: High, mid and bass must be crystal clear and powerful.
With two to three integrated switches, the party participants can change the frequency and thus the music style.
The volume should be adjustable and music should be pausable.
Sony MDR-1RB
Sennheiser HD650
Creative Aurvana Live!
Sony MDR-XB700

Remember that: Although the noise level at a silent disco is within limits, the more people that take part, the louder the conversations

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