Technical Features Of Razer Orochi Elite Mobile Gaming Mouse

Razer Orochi Elite Mobile Gaming Mouse is world’s first notebook dual wireless functionality gaming mouse that is introduced in the market with a superb ambidextrous design. It’s most attractive feature is its light weight and its small size, perfect for outside use. It offers a lethal 4000dpi Razer Precision 3G Laser Sensor for a faster, smooth and effortless movement perfectly designed for high gaming performance. Such ultra sensitive laser sensor allows a movement 5 times faster than any standard 800DPI optical sensor available in the market. The next time you complain about your current gaming mouse, why don’t you trash it into your bins and grab the Razer Orochi and say goodbye to interrupted gaming plays? That can be the best solution!

The Razer Orochi Elite mobile gaming mouse is designed to promote portability and convenience because it functions with the Bluetooth technology up to 2000DPI sensitivity and 125Hz polling/ 8ms response for intense gaming experience. The built-in Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity is compatible with almost all brands of laptops of notebook for hassle free mouse operation. But it also comes with a wire connection if the user wants to save batteries. It has a built-in on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment for gaming executions and control. Moreover, it has a zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet that allows an extra smooth gliding effect for faster and effortless movement to ensure high speed performance in every gaming experience. In other words, this can be the solution to your gaming needs when you are actually looking for real excitement and pure fun on your games without the hassle or connecting and reconnecting your mouse. Everybody can just easily use it without a hassle. Plus the fact that even a newbie user can easily get hold on to its functions, there is no way you’ll be left behind by how fast technology can procreate. This is just another cool and really convenient technology creation ever made and now available in numerous gadget stores.

For additional functional features of Razer Orochi Elite Mobile Gaming Mouse, it comes with a scroll wheel with a 24 individual clicking position, each designed for a specific function. It also comes with a 7 independent programmable hyper-responsive buttons for quick weapon selections and technical moves that intense gaming requires. For each side of the mouse, it has two buttons and a standard button at the top of the mouse. It has a built-in profile capabilities and a razer synapse on-board memory of 60K that allows tocreate profiles of the owner which is designed to eliminate accidental switches of mouse with others. Users are given the option to adjust the performance tabs of the mouse with respect to the acceleration and the polling rate of the mouse operation. Moreover, it has a “Lighting and Maintenance” tab that is responsible with the changing of lighting appearing in the mouse and any changes of the default setting may be stored to the mouse as well without the need to set it all over again when used in other device other than your computer.

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