Warning! Don’t Buy the Razer Naga Epic Until You Read This.

For competitive PC gamers, to win every battle that they join in, their victory is more than the skills and knowledge because most of the time a powerful gaming mouse serves as their ultimate sword to victory. Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse is certainly one of the most sophisticated gaming mouse ever made that will surely intimidate your potential opponents. Its modern exterior design and modern look speaks for itself, a must-have gadget for ultimate winning. It is the upgrade version of the famous award winning Razer Naga gaming mouse. It is the newest improved version which comes with a 17 MM-optimize Buttons that provides a perfect balance of keyboard and mouse right in your fingertips. Each 17 mouse buttons are characterized with specific functions that may be subject of modification according to its user’s convenience. Sounds real convenient right? But, surely there’s more that you need to know about this gaming tool that you should never miss knowing.

The Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse package comes with Razer Naga Epic driver software that allows PC gamers to organize and modify the key functions of each 17 buttons and character ability for effective remapping of its keys. For additional features, it also allows PC gamers to download additional downloadable in-game add-ons for maximum level of gaming performance. Another treat for gamers, this mouse provides a dual mode wired or wireless function that offers an option to use it with wire or enjoy a total freedom of using it wireless without sacrificing the accuracy and speed performance of the mouse. As to speed and accuracy demands of any PC games, this mouse is surely capable enough with its 56000dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor coupled with a 1000H Ultrapolling or 1ms response time that makes any PC gamer a sure win in its every gaming battle. These features are just totally consuming and wonderful that nobody can surely resist buying himself a mouse like this! Would you like to know more? Hold your breath as now comes the latest and the most unique among its features.

One of the unique features of the Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse is that is built with three interchangeable side panels for maximum experience of ergonomic fit, perfect for professional gamers to avoid muscle cramps and strain for long hours of intense gaming. It is designed to fit different size of hands with comfortable grip design. Moreover, aside from its amazing high-speed accuracy, it also comes with a total of 16 million colors of backlight illumination that adds sophistication to its modern look. As to its lifetime span, a 12 hours continuous use is reasonable and reliable enough to complete a highly satisfying gaming session without interruption of battery change or exhaustion. What else should you use? Should you rather need anything else other than this mouse? Bet you don’t! Everything a gamer needs is already incorporated in this mouse and all that is left for you to do is to call all your friends and start a live and real gaming action!

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