Razer Mamba 5600 DPI Review

The latest and the fastest performing mouse for high quality gaming features is Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Laser Mouse 5600 DPI. It is designed for those highly competitive PC gamers because it’s gaming grade technology ensure a high level of reliability for its users. It comes with dual mode wireless or wireless functionality paired with an industry leading high polling rate for exceptional high speed performance. It is particularly engineered to achieve the highest level of gaming standards that game enthusiasts needs to enjoy the full extent of its gaming experience wherever they may be. The 1000Hz Ultrapolling or 1ms response rate feature of this tiny creature allows you to execute gaming commands in a split of seconds even before the opponent gets the chance to react to you. Thus, this becomes highly preferred by most online games enthusiasts especially those who play for a prize or with money at stake. They feel like they are invincible when they use this mouse. As to acceleration feature, it ranges up to 200 inches per second or 50g, an extra ordinary feeling that makes any PC gamer invincible against its opponent.

One of its features that acquired the attention of most gamers in the Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Laser Mouse 5600 DPI is its longer battery lifespan that runs as up to 14hours of uninterrupted gaming and may last until 72 hours for moderate or normal use. Furthermore, it also comes with razer synapse onboard memory that no longer requires you to set-up your mouse from time to time, it allows gamers to customize their mouse and store it inside the mouse. Best thing with its capacity to store profiles and mouse setting is that gamers may now bring their mouse as their ultimate weapon in every gaming tournament or competition they go to without hassle of setting up. This is one feature that most gamers cannot just give up. As has been said, the mouse makes them unbeatable and invincible. For anyone who needs this for their next online gaming tournament, you can find this in numerous online stores in just a single click. You will never go wrong in choosing a mouse as competitive as this. In fact, this mouse becomes revolutionary when you talk about technology evolution in the aspect of online gaming or any sorts of gaming.

However, for not-so PC game addicts or for semi-competitive gamers they find Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Laser Mouse 5600 DPI extra expensive than the usual standard gaming laser mouse. For extreme PC enthusiasts, common reviews will tell that the expensive cost of this light weight mouse is reasonable enough to ensure them with reliability, durability, portability and high-speed performance for maximum gaming experience. It has to be noted that the package comes with necessary accessory that is worth the cost of the mouse such as rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, USB cable, stylish charging dock and master guide. These accessories alongside the mouse’s great features and functions truly justify the price. Don’t you think so?

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