Mac Pro Crucial Memory

Within the multiple options of expansion and configuration of our new and brand new Mac Pro, we will have to choose how it could not be otherwise than increase RAM we want, from the initial 8 Gb in the most basic configuration to 64Gb offered by Apple as a maximum.

However, leaving aside prices of the same memory, that is, if it is better to buy them from third parties or from Apple itself, we will rather analyze the behavior of the original memory installed with which we can find in brands such as Crucial or OWC.

The tests have been carried out on a late 2013 Mac Pro equipped with a 6-core Intel Xeon CPU at 3.5 Ghz, two AMD D500s and 256 Gb PCI-e SSD as well as 16 Gb of DDR3 RAM, being the already well-known GeekBench 3 the application that will carry out the entire test battery.


In the Single-Core test we see how the memory offered by Crucial surpasses by a narrow margin those of OWC and Apple, even so this is not a maxim that is fulfilled in all scenarios and it is that when the other cores start acting on the processor when the application demands it, we see how OWC takes over the throne.


As far as the price is concerned, the difference is not as great as we might think with respect to the price of the original Apple memory, even so the savings are considerable, close to 400 Euros, so it is strongly recommended to access either of the two kits offered by OWC or Crucial since in addition to saving money, we will also gain global performance already demonstrated even if it was through ‘synthetic’ kits.

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