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We had already tested the LX16 from the German peripheral manufacturer Lioncast. Now we have tested another product of the company. The headset is suitable for use on the PC as well as on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Whether the wired headset can convince, our test report shows. How a good design can distract from the low price Design


As we already noted in the review of the LX16, Lioncast is a manufacturer for console and PC peripherals that focuses on the lower price range. A comparison to the more than 100 euro expensive products doesn’t make sense either. Thus, we weren’t surprised that the recommended retail price of the Lioncast gaming headset Stealth, which was tested in this review, is only 24.95 euro. Of course, with this price you have to ask yourself the question whether such a product can convince.

The product packaging often says a lot about the product contained in it. Fortunately, the manufacturer didn’t skimp on the price, so that one has the impression that a high-quality article is hidden inside. The box is completely black, matching the product name “Stealth”, except for a few small details. A cutout in the packaging offers potential buyers a small view of the headset. Materials cannot fool the price

Where the design could distract from the low price, it is no longer possible at the latest when unpacking the headset. Of course, even the highest quality products such as the Razer Chimaera are mostly made of plastic. As one should already know, plastic is not the same as plastic, there are considerable differences in quality that can already be seen from the outside. The Stealth is almost completely made of plastic, except for the padding of the auricle and headband. The quality, however, is not bad, quite the contrary, all parts seem quite stable and they cannot be deformed or dented. Unfortunately, the hinges are also made of plastic, but we dare to doubt whether they can withstand long-term stress. How the plastic on the head feels Plastic


The fit of the headset was very good in our test. This is probably due to the stealth of the good upholstery, as mentioned before, which can be found on both the headband and the ear cups. We also found the tension of the headband to be good. If you bob your head back and forth wildly during gambling, you won’t lose the Lioncast headset right away. After about four hours of continuous gambling, we didn’t find the headset annoying, nothing presses on the ears or causes an unpleasant feeling. The shielding from outside noise is decent, so that gamers can fully concentrate on their game. By the way: The headphone shells can be turned in all possible directions and even folded in, making them perfect for transporting to the next LAN party. Bass Boost provides a lot of buzz

The sound of the headset is one of the most important factors when buying such a product. For the Stealth, Lioncast has chosen a 40mm driver per headphone half. Thanks to the bass-boost function, the sound should be particularly realistic and deep. In reality this is not quite true, which is not surprising given the low price. No question, the sound is good for this price range. The bass, however, sounded somewhat metallic. Even at high volumes the Lioncast Stealth didn’t make a good impression. Bass Boost

Bass Boost

Attention: At this point we would like to point out that the maximum volume is really very loud and can destroy the eardrum.

Thanks to Bass Boost, explosions in Call of Duty and Modern Warfare sound very impressive. The background noise on the other hand destroys the beautiful impressions. You can’t hear them in the game, but you can if there are long pauses in movies.

The microphone is not convincing: It can be moved freely and bent into many positions, but it is still not positioned close enough to the mouth. The cable is also relatively short at 3.6 metres, at least for the console players. Conclusion

Those who are sceptical because of the low price will be surprised. The Lioncast Stealth is a solid headset that has some weaknesses due to its low price, but buyers can forgive them.

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