What Type of Headphone User Are You?

Headphone type

People are fundamentally different. This insight is far from revolutionary, but has been known for thousands of years. Nevertheless, it is interesting to observe how different consumers listen to music. Some prefer to sit in a screened room and enjoy classical music without being disturbed. Others, on the other hand, tremble in the street and are not disturbed by anything. What type of headphones are you?

The connoisseur

For connoisseurs there is only one reason to buy: the quality of the music reproduction. It hardly matters what the headphones look like, the main thing is that they produce good sound. This target group usually has a small “music shrine” where they can listen to their favourite songs undisturbed without anyone disturbing them. They own high-quality hifi systems and are not afraid to invest hundreds of euros for proper headphones. Connoisseurs would probably not buy Bluetooth or wireless headphones to avoid the risk of music playback being affected in any way.

Our recommendation for connoisseurs: Sennheiser HD650.

The headbanger

Headbangers clearly prefer hard rock and metal. It is crucial that the music does not distort even at high volume. It’s also important to have good sound isolation, after all, nobody wants half the street to hear people on the bus. Closed headphones fulfil exactly this need: they don’t let the music out, but instead channel the bass energy directly into the ear via reflex ports.

Our recommendation for headbangers: Sony MDR-EX310LPB.

The Gamer

Gamers have very special requirements, explosions should crash, voices should be heard clearly and distinctly and the headset should also allow good voice transmission. Using TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, gamers communicate with their comrades, discuss tactics and warn of enemies. The headphones must also be practical for everyday use away from the game: After all, gamers also like to listen to music, but only on their PCs. For them, a Bluetooth headset is a good option, especially when they are not only playing on a computer but also on a console and need freedom.

Our recommendation for gamers: Turtle Beach Ear Force XP500.

The Mobile

Teenagers and students belong to the mobile group. They leave the house in the morning with headphones on and come back the same way in the afternoon or evening. The headphones accompany them on their way to school, university, the subway, shopping - practically everywhere. Although the quality of the headphones is also important to them, it is not necessarily the decisive purchasing criterion. They must be much more resistant and easy to store. Cable clutter is the mobile music listener’s worst nightmare.

Our recommendation for mobile: HTC RC E190.

The athlete

Athletes and active people use their headphones during training and fitness. They accompany them when jogging, lifting weights, cycling and other activities. Since there is a lot of movement involved in all these activities, the headphones must fit perfectly to prevent them from falling out of the ears and in any way hindering or endangering the athlete during his or her activity. The quality of the headphones also plays a role, of course, but it is rather secondary.

Our recommendation for athletes: Bose IE2.

Home cinema fetishist

The home cinema fetishist

Home cinema fans strongly resemble the group of connoisseurs. They also attach great importance to perfect sound reproduction, but on the other hand they listen to less music and watch many films instead. Although they have a decent home cinema system, they also have to put on headphones every now and then to avoid disturbing their wives and children. In these moments they don’t want to do without anything in terms of sound. Money is usually not a problem for them, which is why they are happy to spend several hundred euros on a decent home cinema headphone.

Our recommendation for home cinema fetishists: Logitech UE 9000. The all-rounder

All-rounders are a combination of all previously mentioned headphone types: They enjoy music undisturbed at home, occasionally banging to the rhythm of the music on the street, using the headphones for games, on the bus, when jogging and for the latest action movie on Blu-ray. It is by no means easy to satisfy all needs, but compromises can certainly be made.

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