Creative Aurvana Live

Creative’s Aurvana Live! headphones make every style of music sound equally alive and are specially designed to meet the needs of music lovers. The headphones are suitable for relaxed listening to music both on the couch in your own four walls and on the way to university in the subway. The term “Live!” in the name of the Creative Aurvana Live! is intended to make it clear that the music that comes out of the headset sounds as good as a live performance. Creative combines its proven technology with perfect acoustic tuning. The ear cups of the Creative Aurvana Live! headphones are comfortably padded and the headband is very soft, so even hours of wearing is no problem.

Inside, the 40 mm driver uses neodymium magnets and high-quality biocellulose membranes to deliver deep bass and crystal-clear highs. The gold-plated plug together with the oxygen-free copper cable ensures loss-free transmission of the music. To ensure precise sound projection, the Creative Aurvana Live! headphones are specially shaped.


The appearance of the shiny design is very high quality, which harmonizes well in combination with the generally black design. Creative did not skimp on the scope of delivery. In addition to the 1.2 metre extension cable, a 6.3 millimetre stereo adapter is also included to connect the headphones to a stereo system. A handy carrying case makes it easy to store Creative Aurvana Live!

Creative definitely didn’t skimp on workmanship. The headphones have a high-quality look, the 3.5mm plug is gold-plated and even when it comes to wearing comfort, we made sure that the headset doesn’t get uncomfortable even after hours of listening to music. One of the biggest plus points of the Creative Aurvana Live! is the sound. Whether metal, rock, techno or classical music, every note sounds clear and powerful without distortion.


In the design Creative has chosen to use very large ear cups to increase comfort. Compared to the rather narrow temple, the ear cups are quite large. For many people this may look strange at first, but of course this is a matter of taste. Also missing is a folding function so that the headset can be stowed away more easily in a rucksack or bag. The Creative Aurvana Live! shows further weaknesses. Headphones at the bass end. These are full and deep, but the volume must be turned up too much to get perfect bass.


The Creative Aurvana Live! headphones are among the best products in their category and a clear recommendation to buy.

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