SteelSeries Spectrum 7XB Wireless

The company SteelSeries is a well-known and popular manufacturer of gaming hardware. In addition to gaming mice, the high-quality headsets from SteelSeries are particularly appreciated. Not only for PC gamers does the company offer the right earphones, gamers of the gaming console Xbox 360 from Microsoft also get their money’s worth.

Design and processing

SteelSeries has already racked its brains over the design and quality of the headphones’ packaging, which looks very high quality and confirms the excellent workmanship of the headset. Strangely enough, SteelSeries has dispensed with green design elements, although the Spectrum 7XB is primarily an Xbox 360 headset. Instead, carbon colors and silver-gray stripes are used. The ear pads are covered with black imitation leather and feel very comfortable. For particularly long gaming sessions, the high-quality ear pads are therefore very welcome. The headband is also padded and offers a good grip without the headset falling off during headbanging and a guitar solo on Guitar Hero. In the summer, the imitation leather becomes practical again, as the ears don’t get as warm as with other products with fabric covers.

Comfort and sound

Comfort & Sound

Thanks to their ergonomic design, the shells adapt very well to the ears and do not press too hard on the head. The sounds only penetrate minimally to the outside, so that other people are not disturbed. The sound during games is crystal clear and the bass is also impressive. Thanks to the retractable microphone, chats via Xbox Live are possible. So you can tell your teammates the position of your opponent and win the game. Although the headset should be wireless, it doesn’t work completely without cables. The left earpiece is connected to the controller of the Xbox 360.


The switching elements for the headset are all located on the right earcup. In addition to a volume control and a power button, gamers will find two buttons for Axact SND and LiveMix. Xbox 360 gamers who often play first-person shooters will quickly appreciate the LiveMix function. As soon as a teammate starts talking, the in-game sound is reduced to make the voice easier to hear. The theory can also convince in practice, the game sound was audibly reduced and the voice of the teammate could be better perceived. With Axact SND, three preset equalizer modes are provided. While “Performance” supports game sounds such as shots and steps, “Immersion” improves ambient noise and “Entertainment” is the first choice for music and movies.


SteelSeries advertises with a range of up to 10 meters. The self-promotion is not exaggerated, in the test the range could even be slightly exceeded in free radio visibility, which is quite rare. Even if there is a wall between headset and transmitter, the connection does not suffer any break off. However, there are interruptions at wall crosses. The radio connection between headset and transmitter prevents interference from other devices. The bandwidth of 4 Mbit per second and the intelligent frequency of up to 344 changes per second ensure good, uninterrupted reception.


The wireless headset offers a powerful sound, good workmanship and convinces even when receiving sound wirelessly with its long range.

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