Sony MDR-XB700

If you are looking for a new headset, the name Sony is certainly a household name. And although Sony headsets are generally known for a very good sound experience, there are also differences. So if you want to buy a new headset, you often have a hard time with it. Therefore, we will introduce the Sony MDR-XB7008 in more detail today and explain for which consumers this headset is particularly suitable. Because the Sony MDR-XB700 is an all-round convincing headset. We can say in advance that we would like to recommend this headset for purchase because of its price-performance ratio.

What does the Sony MDR-XB700 offer?

Sony’s MDR-XB700 proved to be a real all-rounder in the test, which is especially interesting for people who like all kinds of music. Because with many headphones it makes quite a difference whether you want to play classical, rock, pop, dance, electronic or hip-hop music, because they don’t play all these types of music equally well. However, this is different with the Sony MDR-XB700, which really convinced music fanatics of all genres in our test. For testing purposes, we turned the basses up to full power, as this is often a weak point of many other products. The MDR-XB700 from Sony did well in the test. Even a rich and loudly turned up bass doesn’t influence the clear sound experience of the Sony MDR-XB700 in any way. So we would definitely describe this sound as very good. And since the sound quality is one of the most important criteria when buying a headset, the headset is already way ahead in our test. Sony has done a really good job with the enormous low bass thanks to the specially developed XB driver unit with a diameter of 50 mm.

Design and wearing comfort of the Sony MDR-XB700

However, the design of the Sony MDR-XB700 is admittedly a matter of taste. Because this headset is a headset with extra large earpieces. Whilst the urethane ear pad is certainly very luxurious and pleasantly soft, the headphones are generally quite large. Of course, this size is due to the construction and sound quality. But those who otherwise only wear in-ear headphones will first have to get used to them. So, in our test, the headset sat a bit unfamiliar at first, but this initial feeling was quickly overcome and then the headphones sat comfortably on the ear and in such a way that they produced the best possible sound experience. This is because the large ear cups also provide excellent shielding against any disturbing outside noise. However, it was noticed in the test that the cable could have been a bit longer. This was probably also due to the size of our tester and shouldn’t be a problem for most consumers. The cable is definitely long enough for use with an iPod or mobile phone. In addition, the weight was really comfortable to carry in the test.

If you’re looking for a quality product with which you can play all styles of music in unbeatable quality, you’ll be happy to spend the price of the Sony MDR-XB700.


The headset convinces with a super quality.

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