Plantronics .Audio 90 Analog Headset Review

Plantronics .Audio 90 Analag Headset

Headsets have enabled audiophiles, gamers, and individuals around the world to listen to their environment of cacophony in clandestine. What is exceptional about today’s headsets is that they have been equipped with microphones to enable the user to easily record their voice or to chat with people all around the globe either in business meetings or gaming sessions. It has made life much easier in telephony and customer or technical assistance where having to hold the phone against your shoulders has been a thing of the past.

Plantronics has become the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lightweight communications headset products. Their products are the most trusted and of highest quality. Today we look at the Plantronics .Audio 90 Analog Headset, the latest product in the .Audio series. It has received PC Magazine’s “Best of 2002” Award and since it comes from Plantronics, the product already glows with great potential. Let’s take a look at the product statements, specifications, and its features. Product Statements

Gamers and audiophiles will appreciate the rich, full-range stereo sound of the Plantronics .Audio 90 multimedia stereo PC headset. This new headset is perfect for games, music, Internet chat, telephony, speech recognition, and video conferencing. Equipped with inline volume and mute controls, a QuickAdjust microphone boom and a superior noise-canceling microphone for improved speech accuracy. The lightweight, comfortable design lets you work and play in comfort. Compatible with popular sound cards, just plug it in and start talking. Product Features

Full-range stereo sound with maximum bass
Superior speech recognition microphone
QuickAdjust microphone for perfect placement
Noise-canceling microphone
Microphone mute switch
Inline volume and mute controls
Compatible with most popular sound cards
Internet telephony/chat/conferencing
Just plug it in and talk
Works on Windows systems

Product Specifications

Speaker Driver Size: 40mm diameter
Speaker Sensitivity: 112dBSPL/mW +/-4dB
Speaker Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Speaker Magnet: Neodymium
Speaker Impedance: 28 oms
Microphone Sensitivity: -39dBV/Pa +/-5dB
Microphone Type: Electret, unidirectional
Microphone Frequency Response: 100Hz - 8KHz
Microphone Impedance: -3K oms
Cable Length: 2.9 meters (3.5mm plugs)

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