How to Install Windows 7 on AM4 Motherboards

1) Let’s start with the extraction of the necessary drivers that will then be integrated into the Windows 7 ISO, just start the exe related to the AM4 chipset drivers and select a folder for the extraction, in this way:

2) Once the extraction is complete the window for the installation will open, we can close it without problems.

3) Now you have to extract the Windows 7 ISO in a folder of your choice, to extract it I used 7zip, but also programs like winrar or daemon tools are fine.

4) After having extracted all the files from the ISO you have to install and start RT 7 Lite, once started you have to select the folder containing the Windows 7 files extracted in point (3) and the desired edition.

5) Now in the task tab you have to select the “Integration” and “ISO bootable” checks

6) In the Integration tab you must now add the drivers needed to install Windows 7 on AM4 system, the drivers are located in the folder created in step (1). You have to add exactly the same drivers present in this screenshot, once finished apply them.

7) Once clicked apply opens the window start the integration process, just press “commit”.

8) The last step provides for the creation of the amended ISO

N.B. It takes a few seconds before the USB ports and then keyboard and mouse start working when Windows 7 setup starts.



To create a bootable pendrive with Windows 7 in UEFI mode my advice is to use rufus in this way:

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