Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3

In-ear headphones have become the first choice of many music lovers who rely on portability. However, due to their design, these loudspeakers have a major problem: they can’t always provide perfect sound reproduction in noisy environments. Cars, voices, construction noise and other noises cloud many a listening pleasure. Creative has developed the Aurvana In-Ear 3 for exactly this purpose. The manufacturer promises its customers that these in-ear headphones filter out up to 90 percent of all ambient noise. Our test report shows whether the headphones are really that good in practice.

Introduction: 90 percent filtering of ambient noise

For 149 euros, Creative promises buyers of the Aurvana In-Ear 3 that the headphones not only offer neutral and detailed sound, but also filter out up to 90 percent of disturbing ambient noise to provide users with undisturbed listening pleasure. At the first sight of the small, almost dainty-looking headphones, it is hard to believe that this should be possible. Compared to conventional earplugs, the shape of this Creative product is elongated. On the packaging of the earphones, it is advertised that they are compatible with iPod, ZEN and other MP3 players. Surprisingly, Creative’s support for the competitor of its own MP3 player is stronger than that of its own product. Processing & Technology: That’s what’s in the headphones

For the proud price of in-ear headphones, the buyer naturally expects high quality in workmanship and the technology used. Fortunately, Creative does not disappoint in this area: inside, the manufacturer has installed so-called armature units for woofer and tweeter, which according to Creative make pure and direct music enjoyment possible. The goal in the development of these headphones was to build an in-ear that resembles a studio speaker system. This means that the headphones have to suppress up to 90 percent of all external noise - a major challenge for Creative’s engineers in view of the design. The solution to the puzzle was to bend the acoustic tube of the headphones, creating the unconventional shape of the in-ear headphones. This angling creates an acoustic separation between the tweeter and woofer, allowing bass, midrange and treble to reach the user’s ears with greater clarity and detail.

Creative has also not spared in terms of workmanship and material: the housing has a dark chrome finish, which has been processed very precisely. The cables are made of oxygen-free and highly pure copper. The silicone and foam earplugs, known by Creative as “AuraSeal”, are supplied in different sizes to fit perfectly in the ear. It is vital that the headphones are correctly positioned in the ear for sound, otherwise external noise cannot be properly filtered. Once they are correctly seated, they will not fall out of the ear, even if there are violent movements.

Does it sound good too?

He sounds good, too

After the Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3 could convince us in terms of design and quality, only the sound is still missing: Tested with an iPhone 5 as well as on the MacBook Pro Retina, we played various music titles:

We started with “Hit The Floor” by Linkin Park: The hard guitar riffs came across well immediately, the light bass of this melody was also easy to hear without being too dominant.

To test the highs and mids, Amy MacDonald sang us “4th of July”. The beautiful voice of the Irish singer came across as well as the accompanying voices in the background. The guitar in the background as well as the numerous other instruments can be heard clearly.

Finally a very demanding piece followed: “Presto (Summer)” by Vivaldi. One of the most demanding music titles you can “feed” to headphones. The fast violins and their partly high notes in this title are hardly playable for many headphones without sounding muddy, but here everything sounded clear and clean.

All in all, these in-ear headphones were completely convincing for this price - they are not even expensive in view of their sound. It can clearly stand out from the competition in the 100 euro segment, but it also requires a good smartphone that can deliver high-quality sound.


Successful in-ear headphones from Creative, which not only score points with high-quality materials and workmanship, but also set standards in its price category in terms of acoustics.

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