MSI announces CPU Guard 1151, to protect your Skylake CPU

MSI announces CPU Guard 1151, to protect your Skylake CPU

As a result of the problems encountered by some users with their Skylake processors, which as we told you before were bent by the pressure exerted by some heatsinks, MSI has launched the solution called CPU Guard 1151, an accessory whose mission is to strengthen the corners of the socket on the motherboard to improve the vertical pressure it can withstand, thus avoiding the problems that have arisen to a large extent.

As early as last year, MSI engineers developed a technology called Delid Die Guard that served not only to protect the processor, but to “delid” it. Now with this Guard 1151 CPU accessory that as its name suggests is specifically designed for Intel’s LGA1151 socket and its Skylake processors, MSI avoids any possibility of the processor bending due to the pressure exerted by the heatsink we place on it, since it strengthens as we mentioned at the beginning the corners of the socket (the parts of the processor’s PCB that bend) making them support a greater vertical pressure, so that the user can be sure to install the heatsink he installs.

Delid Die Guard by MSI

However, unlike the Delid Die Guard we told you about at the time, the CPU Guard 1151 that now launches MSI does not require us to delid the processor, but we can use it without having to modify anything. Install and go (of course, the installation process requires modifying the anchoring of the processor to the motherboard, although this does not void its guarantee).

Even so, the Guard 1151 CPU is also ideal for users who want to delid their processor to replace the processor’s internal thermal paste. The process of delidging consists of removing the IHS from the processor, leaving the die exposed, and placing the processor on top of it, but there is an intermediate term that consists of removing the IHS simply to replace the internal thermal paste with a better quality one. The downside of doing this is that after placing the IHS back in, it is never quite right as the bond between the IHS and the processor PCB will have already “broken”. The MSI Guard 1151 also solves this problem, leaving the IHS fully fixed and preventing it from moving, so users can be relieved of this concern as well.

New MSI CPU Guard 1151

At the moment MSI only demonstrated the potential of their Guard 1151 GPU in an overclocking session, which incidentally broke several world records, but we don’t yet know when it will hit the shops or at what price. It is quite likely, on the other hand, that they will include it as an accessory along with their Intel Skylake motherboards, as they did with the Delid Die Guard, although this is our guess.

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