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The time has come that many of us were waiting for, the “American” company SCYTHE will launch two new heatsinks to the market this very month of June, one ultra-low profile (the Kodati model) and another high profile (Scythe Mugen MAX). What are the new features? We are going to give you details about these two models in advance of their launch, to see if this will make our wait more pleasant.

Scythe Kodati (specifically model with P/N SCKDT-1000) is the new low profile heatsink that the company has recently introduced for Intel LGA115x, LGA 775, AM3 (+) and FM2(+) CPUs.

We are talking about a heatsink that is composed of a dense aluminium radiator and a high fan, all included in a 3.4 cm high space, so smaller boxes have no excuse to enjoy such a device anymore.

It has a nickel-plated copper base and two 6 mm thick copper heatpipes that go through the aluminium deck. As a support it has a 80 mm and 10 mm thick PWM fan that works between 800 and 3300 rpm, which gives a flow of air between 6 and 24.8 CFM and noise ranging from 8.2 dBa to 32.5 dBa. It is connected by 4 pins with PWM control.

To finish with its physical characteristics, we can say that it has dimensions of 95 mm long x 82.5 mm wide x 34 mm high and a weight of 180 grams.


As for its availability, what we can anticipate is that it will be available from the middle of this month of June, although its price is still a mystery. WE RECOMMEND YOU Find out how to win a trip to Taiwan with MSI SCYTHE MUGEN MAX


For some, size matters and Scythe knows this very well; this is why the company is launching this high performance device (specifically the SCMGD-100), which features an aluminum sheet tower with 3 three U-shaped heapipes.

Its larger size makes up a classic tower design, with dimensions of 161 mm high x 145 mm long x 110 mm wide and a weight of 0.87 kilos. Its radiator is crossed by six nickel-plated, 6-millimeter-thick copper heatpipes, accompanied by an efficient 140 mm Scythe Falcon PWM fan operating between 500 and 1300 RPMs, resulting in airflow of 37.37 to 97.18 CFM and noise intensity between 13 and 30.70 dBA. Finally we can add that it supports all current sockets LGA2011, LGA115x, LGA1336, AM3(+), FM2(+).


As for its arrival on the market we can say that it is also expected for this month of June and that its price is today equally unknown.

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