NTT Communications Corporation has announced the worldwide launch of its Enterprise Cloud for ERP

NTT Communications Corporation has announced the worldwide launch of its Enterprise Cloud for ERP, a cloud-based service for SAP.

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), announced the worldwide launch of its Enterprise Cloud for ERP, a cloud-based multi-tenancy platform service for SAP installations in collaboration with Virtustream, Inc. a subsidiary of Dell Technologies Group, and EMC Japan KK, effective immediately.

By adding managed services, the new solution will provide an integrated, cloud-based SAP platform to customers in Japan, the Americas, Europe and Australia by giving them the ability to access and run core SAP systems in the cloud.

The Enterprise Cloud for ERP service has a virtual HANA (offering up to 2.9 TB of memory) and physical HANA (up to 8.0 TB of memory) option.

In addition to the core service, a “high availability” option will be available that will provide greater resilience and disaster recovery through the use of multiple routers and mirrored data centers in Tokyo and Osaka.

The service will also include customized payment options that leverage μVM resource management technology to regulate CPU and memory usage, allowing customers to enjoy the flexibility and reliability of a cloud environment that combines virtual and physical HANA environments. The service aims to reduce total cost of ownership by up to 65% compared to on-premises systems.

In addition to an SAP cloud-based platform, the new solution will offer a managed service for OS, SAP Basis and SAP HANA, as well as a system monitoring service and support offering that includes access to a technical account manager. The latter will provide ITIL-based operational support, operational status analysis and best practice consultancy services. Customers will be able to operate the platform easily and efficiently by selecting from a wide variety of menus, allowing them to focus on designing their own work processes and application development.

Outside Japan, NTT Com will offer a comprehensive SAP solution in the Americas, Europe and Australia, incorporating the same integrated services and managed services. This will allow customers to seamlessly utilize globally standardized end-to-end SAP infrastructures and managed services in a cloud environment.

NTT Com, in collaboration with Virtustream and EMC Japan, plans to expand the functionality of the Enterprise Cloud for ERP and the number of regions where it will be available. The company is also considering offering a Cloud Management Platform that will provide integrated management of multiple environments in the cloud, which will facilitate connectivity to Virtustream’s offshore networks; they will also offer services to connect to the cloud platform through NTT Com’s Software Defined Exchange Service.

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