4 options to turn your HDTV into a SmartTV

Smart TVs not only allow you to watch air and cable channels, but they also work like a computer: you can access applications, the web and watch streaming video from Netflix or YouTube among other platforms.

Now, if you don’t have such a device or plan to make an investment to acquire one, there are other options to “revive” the old TV and turn it into a sort of smart TV. Here are some options:

Chromecast Ultra 4K

Connects to the TV via HDMI port. You can enjoy streaming with resolution up to 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. This means you can mirror everything that happens on your laptop or cell phone. Just connect to the same network and enter the service you want to replicate, such as Netflix or YouTube, for example, and you will see the images on the TV screen. The value in the United States is USD 69.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition

It is connected by HDMI port and to start using it, the wifi must be configured. It allows access to content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix as well as over 4,000 applications and games in its own online store, although it does not offer access to Google Play. It has 8GB of storage and supports Dolby Audio. The playback quality is Full HD and comes with a remote control to manage the different options. It is sold in the United States for USD 49.99.

Apple TV 4K

Supports 4K, HDR 10 content, as well as Dolby Vision It has an HDMI port and can be connected to the network via wifi or Ethernet cable. It comes with a remote control and can also be managed by Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant that responds to voice commands. It offers content from iTunes and from applications such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, FOX and Netflix. It comes with 32 GB (USD 149) and 64 GB (USD 199) capacity

Roku Streaming Stick+

It is the size of a USB stick, connects via HDMI connector and wifi network. Comes with a remote control. Allows transmission in up to 4K HDRP resolution but does not support Dolby Vision. It offers access to YouTube, Netflix, among many other streaming platforms. In the United States it is available from USD 60.

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