Playstation 3 Blu Ray

We started the week the same way we ended the previous one, talking about the Blu-Ray format. In this case we don’t focus on the war between the two formats that want to replace the DVD but on the format itself and the console that has played best in this battle, the Playstation 3.

We already said that Sony made an important and risky bet when launching its console with integrated Blu-Ray player, with a high starting price and many delays that made the Xbox360 from Microsoft take advantage in the race of the new generation of consoles. However, we think it did the job perfectly, and it was the cavalry that cleared the way in the battle of formats.

Now, with the arrival of the future Blu-Ray profile 2.0, Sony’s Playstation 3 console will become the best and most prepared player of this format in the market. Certification will be obtained with a firmware update.

This statement is very easy to make if we understand what the Profile 2.0 will offer us. Taking into account these functionalities, we will see that Sony’s console is the only player at present that is ready to take advantage of them. This will undoubtedly give Sony’s console an extra value and will make its owners get their hearts out, at least in that aspect.

In fact, the Blu-Ray Profile 2.0. will put this format at the level of extras that the HD DVD already has, such as the use of the Internet connection, PiP or the need to have disk space locally.

The needs of the current Blu-Ray players will be to have 1 GB of hard disk (or more), big graphic processor and Internet connection to be able to update to the Profile 2.0. Currently the only one that offers this is the Playstation 3, which complements all of them and will surely accept future profiles of this new generation format without problems.

For those who still do not have a Blu-Ray player and prefer a desktop type, we can say that both Panasonic and Sony have almost ready their equipment to receive the new Blu-Ray that will arrive this year with the trays open.

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