Which Hard Drive Brand is Reliable?

Recently Blackblaze, a cloud storage company, has published a comparative study of their most used hard drives. The data collected by the company is intended to help people choose a reliable drive without spending too much.

Which brand of hard drives is the most reliable today?

A rather casual concern for the user who likes to buy their own hardware is which parts will best amortize the cost they have. So, in terms of simplicity, most end up being guided merely by issues such as the relationship between performance and price, but there are also those who spend hours reading articles on the Internet about the parts that have caught their eye to get a good idea of how much quality they have, and whether over the years they will remain as they were on day one.

Hard drives are not usually the focus of attention when it comes to getting a new computer. Being a factor that tends to depreciate, it is surprising how much difference there can be in reliability between one manufacturer and another.

If you are generally obsessed with knowing which manufacturer has better products for a particular purpose, you may be interested to know that someone has decided to shed light on this issue in the case of hard drives. This is Blackblaze, a company that is dedicated to online data backup, allowing its users to use and abuse as much storage as they want.

As you can imagine, a company with such characteristics has a fairly large sample population on which to apply a hard drive quality study. They have recently decided to publish the internal data they have been collecting for the last three years, where they show the world which of their suppliers are the most reliable, information that will surely be very useful to those who are looking for a hard drive. The study

At Blackblaze they have over 80 petabytes of storage. Reaching that figure has not been easy or economical. To do so, until now the company had been applying a policy of making its purchases while maintaining the lowest dollar/terabyte ratio, leaving quality in the background. Therefore, they have quite a variety of disks, most of them belonging to Hitachi, Seagate and WD.

Which brand of hard drives is currently the most reliable?

Unfortunately, although they have Samsung and Toshiba drives, they are too few to have reliable data from these two manufacturers. On the other hand, the most economical drives currently are supplied by Hitachi and Seagate, of which the company has over 12,000 drives from each manufacturer. However, although far fewer, they also have a good sample of WD 933 drives to be specific, enough to have reliable statistical results.

These disks keep running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so it can be said that the results obtained by Blackblaze can give us a more than reliable idea of how much confidence we can place in the manufacturers.


Not surprisingly, Western Digital’s more expensive discs are also among the most reliable. Thus, the study’s finding for WD is that less than 3% of these hard drives tend to fail each year. Of particular note is the fact that they have had 84 WD10EACS drives, for over three years, and none of them have failed in the last 12 months.

Which brand of hard drives is currently the most reliable?

But it’s not just Western Digital that can attest to the performance of its optical drives. Hitachi has been the best performing brand in the studio. Of the 12,956 Hitachi drives they have in Blackblaze, only about 1.5% failed. In the specific case of the 3TB and 2TB drives, less than 1% failed in the last 12 months.

Unfortunately, things weren’t as good for Seagate as they were for the competition. Blackblaze has purchased 12,459 units from the brand, and of those, up to 14 percent have failed in the last year. The ST1500DL003 deserves a special mention. It has a half-life of 0.8 years and a failure rate of 120% per year. Surely you are wondering how it is that more discs are damaged than you have, and that those that came as a replacement for the warranty also ended up breaking down.

Which brand of hard drives is the most reliable these days?

Percentage of drives that survive for 36 months.

In terms of long term survival, Hitachi is also the leader, because after 3 years, 96.9% of hard drives of that brand are still alive. Western Digital has not disappointed either, and in the 36-month period only 5.2% of its hard drives will fail. As for Seagate, over time their numbers don’t improve, quite the contrary. After t

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