Which PS4 model is the best?

Sony recently introduced its Slim version and the Pro version of the Playstation 4, but which of these models should you buy?

Sony has presented two new models of PS4, curiously enough the design has not been modified so drastically as we already know.

PS4 slim has very similar specifications to the regular version with a fairly affordable price, a reduced weight but not so significantly, the difference marked with the regular version is that it already has available not only the 4k, but also HDR.

The PS4 Pro version, not only is more ostentatious but also, seems to be more dedicated to 4K graphics games, because unlike the other 2 versions, this option is available not only for video playback, it seems to be an option for all those who want to take their game to a different level.

Here you can see a comparison of the 3 versions and all their specifications.

The console that had more differences was the Pro version, the hard disk could have been a little bigger than just 1 TB, especially when the other two versions already have their own edition of the same capacity.

PS4 Pro

Whichever version you like best, you should consider the type of screen you have, because even if you have your PS4 Pro and want to play at 4K resolutions, you won’t be able to do so unless your TV has that capability, so don’t forget that detail.

The Slim and regular versions also have 4K resolution but only dedicated for videos, so even if you have your TV properly, you won’t be able to have that resolution capability in the other two versions when you play.

That could be one of the details to take into account to decide which is the best of the three, if you haven’t bought your PS4 yet, this is your chance to decide which model of console to buy and not just think if you want it in black or white.

The regular PS4 is the only one that has the color white available, is a little more economical and has capabilities very similar to its Slim version.

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