Modified Xbox 360

A modification chip is a third-party hacking device that is soldered onto the motherboard of a video game console. Hacking your console allows you to run custom programs or back up game disks. You can modify your Xbox 360 without a modification chip by using software from the Internet and your computer. Modifying your Xbox 360 will take approximately 25 minutes.

Remove all accessories and power cords from your Xbox 360 console, then lift the front plate of the machine. Unscrew the tabs on the console case and lift it up, then unscrew the Torx screws at the bottom. Slide the inner metal cover and remove the Xbox 360 DVD drive from the case. Unplug the SATA cable on the console from the DVD drive, then connect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to your computer.

Turn on your computer and download an Xbox 360 modification program. Install the program and then run it. Select the Xbox 360 DVD drive from the main menu, and then click “Flash Firmware” to begin the modification process. Click “OK” to confirm your selection and the program will modify or “flash” the .BIN firmware file on the Xbox 360 DVD drive. Flashing the DVD drive on the console allows you to back up discs on your Xbox 360.

Close the program and turn off the computer after flashing is complete. Disconnect the SATA cable from the computer and reconnect it to the Xbox 360 console. Place the DVD drive in the Xbox 360 and close the inner metal cover. Replace the Torx screws and plastic housing. Replace the Xbox 360 faceplate and reconnect any disconnected accessories and/or power cords. Warnings

Opening the Xbox 360 will void Microsoft’s warranty.

Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles come with a DVD drive for reading games and movies. You can “flash” or install new firmware on the DVD drive using your computer and free Internet software. By flashing your Xbox 360 DVD drive, you can run custom “.BIN” files on the console. The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

Open the Xbox 360 by removing the front plate of the console. Lift the plastic tabs on the outer case and remove the case. Unscrew the Torx screws on the metal inner case and open the cover. Disconnect the SATA cable from the DVD drive and insert your own SATA cable from the DVD drive to your computer. Turn on the computer.

Start a web browser and download the free JungleFlasher program. JungleFlasher is the most stable and up-to-date program for Xbox 360 console flashing. It also remains the only program capable of flashing an Xbox 360 DVD drive in Windows (other programs required MS-DOS). Run JungleFlasher and click “Flash Xbox 360 DVD Drive” from the main menu. Select your Xbox 360 and click “OK”. The program will flash the “.BIN” firmware on your console DVD drive.

Wait for the update process to complete, then close JungleFlasher and turn off your computer. Disconnect the SATA cable from your computer and reconnect the SATA cable from the console to the DVD drive. Close the metal cover and put the Torx screws in place. Place the plastic outer cover and the faceplate, and reconnect all power and video cables to the console. The console will function normally when it is turned on.

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