Fujitsu has introduced the MHZ2 BJ series

Fujitsu has introduced the MHZ2 BJ series, a range of 2.5-inch hard drives (as used by the vast majority of laptops) of which, its largest capacity (and so far the only model) is 320GB reaching 7200 revolutions per minute.

Apart from its large capacity and being disks with very fast platters, this new series is very low power consumption, reaching 2.3W to make reading and writing operations. With this it is achieved that the battery consumption decreases and that in the long run the hard disk is the most respectful with the environment possible that this categorizing as a “green” product sells quantity lately.

They will start selling in June of this year.

Link: Fujitsu to Release World’s First 7200-RPM 320 GB 2.5″ Hard Disk Drive Via: neowin

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