Agena FX Codename

Like Intel and its Santa Rosa, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will launch its new range of Phenom home microprocessors later this year.

The AMD Phenom is part of a new line of microprocessors, called the AMD K10 (the AMD64 was part of the K8, for example, and the K9 is still a project. It is said that it will not go ahead because of the similarity between K9 and canine in English), and they bring many models with different characteristics: First, three types of microprocessors:

Phenom X2 (codename Kuma): dual core, from 1.9 to 2.9 GHz, three levels of cache (L1:2x(64x64); L2:2x512; L3:2048) and planned for the last quarter of 2007. In theory, the lower range of the three types.
Phenom X4 (Agena codename): quad-core microprocessors, from 1.9 to 2.5 GHz, three levels of cache (L1:4x(64x64); L2:4x512; L3:2048) and planned from June.
Phenom FX (Agena FX codename): also quad-core, from 2.4 to 2.6 GHz, and also three cache levels (L1:4x(64x64); L2:4x512; L3:2048). They will be released together with the Phenom X4. They are the highest range of AMD home microprocessors, more so than the X4.

As a common feature all Phenom have 65 nanometer technology and will use the AM2+ socket (whose main novelty is the integration of the latest version of HyperTransport, 3.0), except the Phenom FX that will use the Socket F or F+ (the same as some Opteron).

In addition, AMD will also be launching this year, within its K10 microprocessor range, the Barcelona (it’s our nickname), which will be the successor of the Opteron in the K8, the current server microphones.

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